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Hybrid: the "compromise" lube

Photo by Marek Okon on Unsplash (lube overlay added)
Photo background by Marek Okon on Unsplash (lube overlay added)

I often see hybrid lubes described as “the best of both worlds”. And - don't get me wrong - I agree with the general idea that you're getting both the versatility of a water-based lube and the slipperiness of a silicone-based lube. But, personally, I tend to think of them more like “compromise lubes” - you ultimately get more or less what you want, but you may have to give up a little something in the bargain.

What is hybrid lube?

Hybrid lubes combine water-based and silicone-based lube ingredients. Their silicone content gives them the superpower to outlast pretty much any exclusively water-based lube, without relying on standard thickening agents for added longevity. 

Basically, the small amount of silicone that gets added to the hybrid's primarily water-based mixture seals in moisture and significantly reduces friction, while giving this type of lube its silky-smooth texture.

With its milky colour and creamy feel, water-silicone hybrid lubes have a similar consistency to light body lotions (or cum - depending on your interpretation - which is part of the appeal for some people, and for others, not so much.)

One nice thing about this creamy texture is that, when it dries up, it leaves your skin feeling slick and moisturized instead of clammy or sticky. On the potential downside, it tends to taste like the skin moisturizer you might buy from the supermarket.

You can't always get (exactly) what you want... but you can get pretty close!

When it comes to the most sought-after lube characteristics, hybrid lubes tick all the boxes - more or less.

Because hybrid lubes only contain a small amount of silicone (the exact amount varies depending on the brand), they aren’t hard to clean up like more concentrated silicone, while still benefiting from many of silicone-based lube’s advantages, including superior staying power

Do hybrid lubes last just as long as silicone- or oil-based lubes? Well, no - but they outlast most water-based lubes.

As for toys, hybrid lubes can be used on almost all toys, silicone included! That said, it’s still a good idea to do a patch-test of your hybrid lube on your toy before using them together, since some hybrid lubes contain a higher percentage of silicone that could potentially react badly with your toy. And keep in mind that you’ll definitely want to avoid using hybrid lubes with dual-density silicone, which is particularly sensitive to any amount of silicone lube. 

Hybrid lubes can also be used for underwater fun! Are they as effective as pure silicone? Again, not quite. But they do expand your options.

Since hybrid lubes are a combination of water & silicone formulations, be sure to read my posts about water-based lube and silicone-based lube, too!


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