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Tips from an oil-based lube enthusiast

Photo by @othernatureshop
Photo by @othernatureshop

A self-described lover of oil-based lube, Yaniv from Other Nature, Berlin's collectively-run alternative sex shop, was kind enough to share some thoughts with me about this hot & slippery topic.

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Q: What’s your favourite oil-based lube?

Q: What do you like so much about it?

It's smooth, silky, thick but not sticky, and creamy as hell! AND you can use it with most toys, which is really convenient.

Q: How does it compare with other oil-based lubes you’ve tried?

It looks more like a cream and it literally melts on your body once you apply it, so there is this nice element of change. The Butters is also run by a queer and black person and they have lots of info on their website, which I always appreciate about a company.

Q: Have you personally ever experienced any negative effects from using oil-based lube?

No, I haven't. Oil-based was actually much better for my body compared to water-based. I got lots of bacterial infections and pH level changes from using water-based lube.

Q: Is there any scenario in which you actually prefer to use a water- or silicone-based lube?

Definitely! Silicone-based is my second favourite lube after oil-based. I prefer it for anal play because it is longer lasting than oil. I also use silicone-based lube when my door becomes squeaky - hehe.

Q: Is there a particular myth or commonly held belief about oil-based lube that you’d like to dispel?

I don't like the blanket statement that oil-based lube causes yeast infections. In my own experience, it was even helpful to apply some coconut oil when a yeast infection was still quite new, and it would actually help prevent the infection from getting worse. I feel like a lot of what is commonly said about oil-based lube negates people’s lived experiences.


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